FX Prime Strategy

FX Prime’s strategy was formed about ten years ago, in order to derive income from price fluctuations in small time frames.

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Genesis Matrix Strategy

This strategy has a rich history. The prototype was the notorious Symphonie Trader, which was scolded for the fact that the indicators on the history are redrawn.

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Free candlestick strategy

Forex free candlestick strategy refers to a variety of 15-minute systems and is perfectly suitable for beginning Forex market participants, who prefer short-term daily deals.

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Forex Infinity Strategy

Forex Infinity Strategy is a channel system based on the Center of Gravity indicator, which is an improved equivalent of the Bollinger Bands indicator.

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Forex Smart Strategy

The Forex Smart strategy has won the respect of many speculators who managed to apply it in practice. This task is possible for any participant of exchange trade depending on experience.

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The Sidus Method

It’s known that the financial exchange is in the accumulation stage two thirds of the time, and one third is devoted to the stage of local extremes formation.

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